The club holds the following items in stock:

  • Playing Jerseys (Orange, Blue, Black and Green versions)
  • Playing Shorts (Blue and Black versions available)
  • Playing Midi Socks (Orange, Blue, Black and Green versions available)
  • Navy and Black Skinny Tracksuit Bottoms
  • Limited items of the last ND leisure wear

For the leisure wear items, we have partnered up with ND Sports who supply the club with these items at the designated order windows (currently 2 per year, Summer and Winter).

  • ND Sports do not sell direct to customer, all orders and enquries go through the club.
  • Only what is ordered by customers in these order windows is what ND Sports will supply the club with to fulfill the orders placed during these times.
  • We do not hold these items in stock for general sale throughout the year (with the exception of a few items which may have been returned after an order and will be put up for sale on our online shop)

These items can be bought on our online club shop, or at the club shop which will be open every Saturday morning, 11-12pm in the committee room at the Pavilion.