Come Dine With Me


Come Dine With Me

Ardboe O’Donavan Rossa are organising a parish ‘Come Dine With Me’ on Saturday 12th September 2015. We would encourage everyone from the area to get involved.


So you as a host will do the following…

1. Invite as many guests as you wish- the more the merrier!

2. Create your own menu or order in- simply down to your culinary skills!

3. Send your guests to the after party- don’t fill them with too much drink!


As a guest you will do the following…

1. Dress to impress

2. Arrive on time- let’s hope the food does too!

3. Donate generously- It’s got to be worth £20 at least!

4. Toast your host- you have made their guest list after all!


On our behalf we will…

1. Reward each host with a token of our appreciation

2. Pick you up and chauffeur you to and from Ardboe Parish Centre

3. Provide a night of entertainment and

4. Award a number of prizes.

If you would like to host your family and friends and enjoy a night of entertainment then contact:

Cathal Forbes – 07762775651

Paddy O’Neill – 07751760513

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