Ardboe rattled up 2-14, the same score against their opponents in the championship in a wet league encounter against Aygharan on Sunday evening. During the match the Rossas well matched the home side and in a period in the second half scored 1-4 before the St Davogs side could respond. The reserves also picked up two points defeating their championship, who they have yet to play by two points, 10-8.

R. Coleman, P. Coney(1-0), M.Coleman, G. Mooney, K. Devlin, S. Forbes, R.McGurk, J. McConville(0-3), F. Devlin, N. O’Neill(1-4), G.Wylie(0-2) replaced by F.McGuigan(0-1), J. Cummings(0-1), M.McKeown, C. Campbell(0-3) replaced by A. Devlin and E. Martin.

By ciaranhurl Mon 19th Jun