With Tyrone out ,the next round of the W.J Dolan championship will now be in full swing starting on Friday 21st through to Sunday 23rd July at venues across the county. The Rossas will take on Aghaloo in Coalisland on the 23rd in Coalisland following the tie of Brackaville and Dungannon.

The draw for the senior championship quarter-finals will take place after the action in Pomeroy has concluded, while the line-up for the intermediate quarter-finals will be known in full once the last two first round ties have reached a conclusion.

WJ Dolan Tyrone Senior & Intermediate Football Championship Fixtures…

Friday 21st July @ Edendork
IFC Augher v Eglish @ 6:45pm
SFC Moy v Donaghmore @ 8:00pm

Saturday 22nd July @ Killyclogher
SFC Drumquin v Clonoe @ 6:00pm
SFC Coalisland v Clann na nGael @ 7:30pm

Sunday 23rd July @ Coalisland
IFC Brackaville v Dungannon @ 2:00pm
SFC Ardboe v Aghaloo @ 3:30pm

Sunday 23rd July @ An Charraig Mhór
SFC Edendork v Dromore @ 2:00pm
SFC Omagh v Killyclogher @ 3:30pm

Sunday 23rd July @ Pomeroy
SFC Errigal Ciarán v Killeeshil @ 6:30pm
SFC An Charraig Mhór v Gortin @ 8:00pm

Note: the draw for the quarter-finals of the WJ Dolan Tyrone Senior Football Championship will take place at Pomeroy on Sunday 23rd July following the An Charraig Mhór v Gortin game.


Stewartstown v Eskra
Urney v Augher or Eglish
Brackaville or Dungannon v Strabane
Killyman v Fintona


Brockagh v Tattyreagh
Clogher v Rock
Derrytresk v Greencastle
Beragh v Newtownstewart


1. (a) All championships shall be organised on the open draw system.

(b) The championship draw in football and hurling, for the following year, will be made, where feasible, by the County Chairman and Secretary at the November meeting of the County Committee.

(c) In the Junior Championship, only preliminary and first-round fixtures to be played in the month of June.

(d) No other games will be played/organised within the county on the day of the Senior Football Championship Final.

2. All Championship fixtures will be played at venues to be decided by the Committee in charge of the competition.

3. In the event of a draw in a Senior, Intermediate or Junior Championship fixture (football or hurling) the replay will take place on the following Friday, unless participating clubs are notified to the contrary by the GAC Secretary.

4. Number allowed into dressing rooms:

Players–24; Officials–6 (inclusive of Club Chairman and Secretary); Hurley carriers – 3;

Penalty £100 first offence; £100 each subsequent offence.
N.B. No more than the maximum 30 people in football and 33 in hurling (as above) will
be permitted into the field.

5. Dress Jerseys to be properly numbered in accordance with the official list. Players to be numbered in accordance with the programme – an exception will be made only in the case of a valid withdrawal. Such withdrawal to be notified, in advance, to the committee in charge of the fixture. Penalty : As per Treorai Oifigiúil. Uniform colour of socks and togs (Socks up and jerseys inside togs for parade)
Cycling shorts should be discouraged. Where such must be worn they may only be same colour as togs.
Penalty: As per Rule 14, Treorai Oifigiúil, Part 1, 2003. £20 first offence; £20 each subsequent offence.

6. Punctuality: Teams are instructed to take the field 10 minutes before the starting time
(for photographs and warm-up) and 15 minutes where a parade is involved. Teams to take instructions from Team Steward re kick/puck about before the game. (See Rule 3.1 T.O. 1995 – Rules of Specification). The half-time interval should not exceed 10 minutes (see Rule 3.3 T.O. 1995 Rules of Specification).
Penalty: As per Rule 105, Treorai Oifigiúil, Part 1, 1995.

7. (a) Number allowed in dug outs: Strictly as in Regulation No 4 above. Penalty – £100 first offence; £100 each subsequent offence.

(b) Substitutes and officials to remain in the dug-outs for the duration of the game. Penalty – £100 first offence; £100 each subsequent offence.

(c) Failure to return to the dug-outs when requested will result in fines being imposed.

(d) Clubs hosting fixtures should cordon off (with tape/rope) an area around each dug-out, within which all substitutes must be confined.

8. (a) Parade: Where a parade is organised players should be instructed to march properly, keeping in step with the band. Teams should march in numerical order after the captain.
Tracksuits/training tops are not to be worn during the parade. Penalty £100 fine.

(b) National Anthem: All players must show respect for Amhrán na bhFiann. Penalty £100 fine.

9. Kick/puck around: These are not allowed at half-time in County Finals. Penalty £100 fine.

10. Mentors along side line.

(a) One team official may move along the sideline and end line to make changes and/or to give instructions. The official may not interfere with play or remain behind the goal area.
This official shall wear a distinctive jersey/bib with the word ‘BAINISTEOIR’ in clear large letters on both front and back.

(b) A Team Medical Officer shall wear a distinctive jersey/bib (provided by the club). This Medical Officer shall not enter the field of play except with the prior permission of the referee. In the event of an emergency the referee is advised to delegate authority to the linesman to assist him.

(c) Referees or other officials appointed by the Committee in charge are asked to report any incursion on the field of play. In a fixture where there is unauthorised incursion onto the field by one or more team officials, the matter may be fully dealt with in accordance with rule 109 (e) T.O. (2003). Penalty – £100 first offence; £100 each subsequent offence.

11. Hurley carriers: One per team allowed at dug-outs and one behind each end line at opposite corner flags.

12. (a) Policy on players sent off:

Such players may not take any further part in the day’s official proceedings. Penalty: 4 Weeks suspension.

(b) Swopping jerseys:

Players who have swopped jerseys or are not wearing jerseys will not be allowed to take part in the trophy presentation. Penalty £100 fine.

(c) Presentation of trophy:

The club should instruct its captain to have a short acceptance speech prepared, totally as part of Gaelige, having regard to the dignity of the occasion.

(d) The Club Committee is responsible for the safe custody of the winner’s trophy and shall
be responsible for all the damage to the trophy, as determined by the County Committee. The County Committee is responsible for all the engraving on a trophy. In no circumstances should a club undertake or have undertaken repairs to any trophy.

13. Match Programme: Teams to be provided for the programme 7 days before the game
and to be correct. Failure to submit a correct team without genuine reason, or outside the time limit, will result in the following penalty. Penalty £100 fine.
Name of players be in Irish and in English, and all the full names of all 24 players to be included. Penalty £100 fine.

14. Video: Coiste Chontae Thír Eoghain has full control of all the video rights of Championship game. Requests to video games must be submitted in writing at least 7 days prior to the fixture to the Secretary of the GAC.

15. Penalties: Penalties will be imposed by the Committee in charge and collected by the County Treasurer.

Clubs will be informed of any amendments or additions prior to participating in the championship.

By ciaranhurl Fri 14th Jul