weeks lotto no’s no were 1, 3, 14 and 21. There was no jackpot winner.
Match 3 winners: Mary McGuigan, Claire Conlon, Eileen Taggart, Martin
O’Neill, Sinead McCann, Damien Quinn, Noel Hurl, Sean Doyle, Malachy
Lavery, Emma Jayne Kelly and Dylan Leonard. Next weeks jackpot £3100.

note a re-fresher course for those who underwent the originally
training in use of the club's Defibrillator will take place on
Wednesday 5th December in the Pavilion at 7.30pm. Please contact Neil
Coney 07879 406108 to confirm your attendance. NOTE: this is for only
those who have already underwent the original training a new course
will take place after Christmas

will be big bingo in the parish centre this Sunday. There is 5000 in
prizes with a 100 a line, 250 a house and 1000 for the 5th and last house.  Books are priced at 15 and all support will be greatly appreciated.

The club passes on its deepest condolences to the Scullion family on their recent bereavement.

clubs AGM takes place on Monday evening at 7.30pm in the pavilion. No
more nomination forms will be accepted. We would ask any one with a
genuine interest in their club to please come along to attend one of
the most important dates in the club calendar.

the club year draws to an end we can all look back on the ups and downs
of a long 12 months. Successes such as our celebratory gala dinner and
the recent ‘Who wants to be a Thousandiare?’ in which club members put
tireless hours to make them such memorable nights along with finally
after three years getting back to the new facilities at Michael Coney
Park are times to remember.

to our numerous coaches who put in hours of their time to train and
educate our young players and thanks to the senior management also who
came in at a hard time and succeeded in keeping our team in senior
ranks for next year. The club of course survives on our great lotto
sellers, who every Friday evening turn in their tickets. You’re hard
work ensures that the club can function daily and provide the best
resources for our teams.

thank our committee members, refereeing officials for their work during
the year and also to our general members for their support.  The parish
centre also has allowed us to run several functions along with the
weekly lotto and we again thank them for the use of their facilities. We also pass on our condolences and prayers for all those members, fiends and supporters who have passed away during the year.

thanks to anyone who helped, supported, donated etc. in anyway possible
as it is impossible to mention everyone and apologies if I have

that I would like to thank everyone who provided me with information
during the past few years along with the numerous newspaper editors for
kindly publishing club notes, photographs and announcements and I wish
our new incoming PRO all the best.

By ciaranhurl Mon 3rd Dec