The Tyrone referees committee have embarked on a promotional campaign aimed at enlisting young referees and providing them with training to enable them to control games at under 10 and under 12 levels.


It is planned that every club identify one or two young person(s) aged 15 or 16 that would be interested in refereeing at this level. The referees committee would provide a short training programme, examining the main rules and providing guidance on how to carry out the duties of refereeing.

The young referee would then be in a position to control games at under 8 and under 10 levels. Following this, about a month later, there would be a review session when some further training would take place and the young referee(s) would under go a short test. Those successfully completing this would be awarded a youth referee kit.

The young referee would also be selected to officiate games at primary games at county championship finals and at national league games.

The first training programme will be on Thursday 1st June. If any young person(s) are interested please contact Neil Coney or a member of the committee as soon as possible.

Tyrone Referees Committee- Looking to the future

By ciaranhurl Fri 5th May